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Angoras are an enjoyable 4-H project due to their manageable size and good natured disposition. With feed and attention, they become friendly quite easily.

Show ring preparation consists of trimming the feet a week before the show and picking any fleece contaminants (hay, bedding) from the fleece prior to going into the show ring. You DO NOT wash or trim the hair of an Angora, in fact doing so will get you disqualified from most shows. You should however make sure your goats are free from lice.

Fiber shows will also have Angora Goat specific classes (usually both white and colored classes) for adults who are looking to compete in an open class. Large premiums are uncommon, so generally you are showing as an educational endeavor to get the judge's input on your animals and also to market your farm and enjoy the company of other producers.

Shows at Fiber Festivals include:

  • Black Sheep Gathering, Eugene, OR, June
  • New York Sheep and Wool Festival, Rhinebeck, NY, October
  • Virginia Angora Goat and Mohair Association Annual Show, Lewisburg, WV, June
  • Great Lakes Fiber Festival, Wooster, OH, May
  • Estes Park Wool Market, Estes Park, CO, June
  • Michigan Fiber Festival, Allegan, MI, August
  • Texas State Fair, Dallas, TX, October
  • Heart of Missouri, Ada, MO, June

Angora Goats are judged 50% on body size, frame and conformation and 50% on fleece fineness, uniformity and fiber quality.


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